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                1.Trailing by as many as 15 points in the second quarter, Shanxi put on a ferocious 13-0 run and gradually seized the control in the second half.。
                2."However, in order to attract more to this sport, we arrange four players a team with a woman in each. The more people take part in, the better beach volleyball is popularized, and that's where the success of a sport lies in," said Liu.。
                3.Out of love, Ji kept practicing dribbling and shooting all year long during her primary school.。
                4."We came into this match with the mentality of challenging Xinjiang. I hoped that our players could show our style in such an intense game," said Jiangsu coach Ding Tie.。
                5."The players will have several days off after the league ends. Then we will have the first training session at Xianghe national training center near Beijing, mainly for recovery. The second phase will be a one-month camp focusing on honing techniques and tactics. In the third phase, we will warm up on home turf for the game," he said.。
                6.Neymar was limited to physiotherapy on Thursday after limping off the pitch at Brazil's Granja Comary training base in Teresopolis, near Rio de Janeiro, on Wednesday.。


                1."We often encounter bad weather conditions and for many children it is not convenient to play far away from home or school, so I believe the indoor club will be a good solution."。
                2."Daqing is a young team. I will become a full-time coach sooner or later, so it's better this moment arrives at an earlier stage, and I can gain experience through the process," Ji said. Enditem。
                3.BERLIN, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- It looks like the 2014 World Cup winner Germany is trapped in a crisis while past financial scandals also seem to be catching up on the country's soccer association.。
                4.Next to the football pitch, two groups of volleyball players also showcased aggressiveness to take a lead in the volleyball court, raising gust of dust when they move. Liu Huan, the chief umpire of beach volleyball, also highly focused on the contest to ensure the result fairness.。
                5.Caio Alexandre slotted in the visitors' second goal after Kanu's deft chip over Sport's defence left him face-to-face with Polli.。
                6.An emotional Ji, who burst into tears after the thrilling win, said she was aware of refreshing the league's all-time scoring record.。


                1."Basketball means the world to me for a long time, and now is the same. As I grow old, I know there are other things I need to pay attention to in life. Basketball is a sport and undertaking that I love, and I have put everything into it."。
                2.Inspired by Shao Ting and Zhang Wanglai, Sichuan rode on a 17-0 run midway through the first quarter to set the tone en route to an overwhelming victory.。
                3.The GFA further announced matches may be played during mornings, mid-afternoons, or evenings depending on kick-off times agreed with its television partner Star Times,a Chinese company.。
                4.Turkey responded well and created two chances in quick succession through Efecan Karaca and Yusuf Yazici in the 15th minute.。
                5.Shanghai left Dongguan with no chance from start to finish, leading seven points at halftime, and managed to maintain its double-digit lead for the most of the second half. Center Zhang Zhiting scored 17 points off the bench. Huang Jing contributed 16 points.。
                6.But Sichuan withstood her hot shooting as different players got on the scoreboard, leading 75-46 ahead of the last quarter thanks to Fang Zhuoya's 3-pointer buzzer-beater, killing any suspense in the game.。


                1、"I never said I am going to be the leader, but I am more prepared than ever for this season and I am tremendously excited by it," concluded Asensio. Enditem。
                2、Back from a treatment following a hard fall, Xing converted a four-point play, highlighting Shanxi's scoring run that pulled itself within two points at the break.。
                3、In Thursday's only other fixture, Athletico Paranaense were held to a goalless home draw by Ceara. Enditem。
                4、The young sensational roared into her first Grand Slam final, only the second of the Tour level, with the loss of just 23 games, the fewest since Mary Pierce finished runner-up in Paris in 1994. The Polish has stunned 2019 runner-up Marketa Vondrousova in the first round and avenging last year's French Open defeat to top seed and 2018 champion Simona Halep in the fourth round.。
                5、According to Gao Zhi, chief of the Press Center Division of Beijing 2022's Media Operations Department, the IOC and OBS proposed the integration of MPC and IBC to save space and improve efficiency.。


                After the loss, Tianjin, Hebei and Wuhan remained the last three teams on the table; they have not won a game since the season started.!


                • 界组 10-12

                  "James played well and he's going to keep improving," the Portuguese said. "He was trying to get his goal today, but with 15 minutes left it seemed important to me to give him a rest.

                • 没有 10-11

                  "I shot 200 times every day. These six years helped a lot in developing my fundamentals," she commented.

                • 样不 10-10

                  Shao, captain of China's national team, first stood out to convert two fast break baskets in a row. Sichuan showed its depth with substitutes on the court, compiling a 10-point advantage after the first quarter expired.

                • 级材 10-09

                  "I was under doubt before the match. But it's true that my level of confidence and tennis have been improving every single day during the whole tournament," said Nadal. "Of course I played at an amazing level of tennis, for two sets and a half I played great. I can't say another thing. It's impossible to have this score against him without playing great."

                • 部汇 10-08

                  There was better news involving forward Richarlison, who trained freely after injuring his left ankle while playing for Everton in their 4-2 win over Brighton on Saturday. Enditem

                • 周弥 10-07

                  Sichuan completed another lop-sided victory by thrashing Fujian 89-63 on Thursday. Shao Ting scored six points in the first quarter, including two fast break baskets in a row, to help Sichuan take a double-figure lead after the first quarter expired.

                • 计狐 10-06

                  "You have to be self-disciplined and work hard. Nobody can succeed through an easy path," Ji said.

                • 字当 10-05

                  BRATISLAVA, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- Nitra Hockey Club took first place in the rankings in the Slovak ice-hockey premiership Tipos Extraliga after winning its third-round match on Friday against Detva.

                • 如一 10-04

                  Commenting on the development, several soccer fans commended the government for considering them on the matter.

                • 称延 10-03

                  "It was normal as I played fewer minutes. I needed to give the chance to young players and let them deal with the game," Ji said.

                • 这是 10-02

                  As many expected, the Djokovic-Nadal rivalry will present its 56th head-to-head clash in this year's Roland Garros showdown on the Court Philippe Chatrier on Sunday.

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